A brief history

Founded in 2002 Fosse Healthcare provides high quality Home Care and Healthcare services to both public and private sectors. Led by healthcare professionals including the Chairman of the largest provider of integrated healthcare in the UK and a Professor of Neuro Rehabilitation and Advanced Nursing Practice, we are totally committed to providing the best possible service at the best possible value.

A fully regulated service

Unlike some other home care companies, all of our services are fully regulated, by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England, we are also a founder member of The United Kingdom Home Care Association. We build and maintain strong relationships with other specialists and organisations – overall and for individual cases – including other district nurses, occupational therapists, GPs, social workers and hospital discharge teams.

As a specialist in dementia care at home, we train all of our carers in supporting people with dementia and work closely in partnership with charities such as Dementia UK to help carers and families alike. Uniquely positioned with a clinical team ranging from domiciliary support workers, health care assistants, registered nurses and advanced practitioners, we have the caring and nursing expertise to successfully manage more complex healthcare for individuals with more complex care needs.

A value driven organisation

Our shared values underpin our commitment to the very best quality of care. Every single team member understands how these values contribute to our service and ensure every client receives the standard of care they need and deserve. Our bespoke class-room based induction and training programmes ensures that all new employees understand and can represent well our shared values:

BE KIND – about all that we do
BE SUPPORTIVE – essential to any long term relationship
WORK TOGETHER – working together in partnerships with families and communities
HAVE FUN – happy workers, happy clients
MAKE LIVES BETTER – focus on outcomes that improve lives
MAKE IT HAPPEN – get the best results

Our mission statement reflects our desire to be the very best employer of healthcare professionals as well the very best provider of care:
We lead with care.

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