Three steps to a successful first shift as a nurse with Fosse Healthcare

The first day in a new job can be tough, and with their ever-changing hours and environments agency nurses can find it particularly difficult to settle – especially if they don’t know what to expect.

We wanted to make the process of moving to a new team, procedure or environment as simple and stress-free as possible for our nurses, so we’ve put together this three-step preparation guide to ensure you get the best experience of your time with us.


First and foremost, we advise that for any of our nurses to be in peak physical and mental condition to look after others, they must first look after themselves.

With varied shifts it can be difficult to adopt a night-time routine, but if you’re not meeting your sleep quota of at least seven hours of sleep a day, both concentration and productivity could be affected. When caring for others you can’t risk a lapse in concentration so be sure to rest up.

Even with seven hours of sleep a long shift can cause a dip in your energy levels. To keep your brain and body active and healthy you should be eating well, eating often and eating a varied diet.


Limit the chance of a stressful first shift by ensuring you are fully prepared. Do you have your ID badge, uniform and equipment?

Have you planned your route or know where you will need to park? Having an idea of who and where to report to when you arrive can also take the pressure off what will no doubt be a busy day.

Prepare for your first shift by getting a full night’s sleep (or day, depending on your shifts) and stock up on healthy snacks, such as seeds and nuts, dried fruit or rice cakes to give you an energy boost
throughout the shift.

Finally, don’t overthink it. No one is expecting you to know Everything on your first day and Fosse Healthcare is here to help if you need us, so don’t begin your new placement shouldering any unnecessary worry.

Beginning your first shift

With the right preparation you will have arrived on time with your ID badge and equipment, ready to begin your first shift on the job; this is probably the best time to introduce yourself to the team.

Start building a rapport with your new team by introducing yourself to management and any colleagues you will be spending the day with. It’s important to also familiarise yourself with the nurses from the previous shift so you can be as informed as possible of the patients you will be spending your time with.

When speaking to management, get an idea of the procedures
and policies
of the location where you are working. It’s always helpful to know whether there are any processes you will be expected to follow and a heads up on where equipment is stored could save you valuable seconds in the event of an emergency.  

We hope you have a fantastic first shift and enjoy your time working with Fosse Healthcare.

Last but not least, pace yourself. This isn’t always easy on a busy ward but remember the rest of the team are there to help. Never take on more than you are capable or qualified for and to stick to The Code when unsure.

One of the many perks of being an agency nurse is the flexibility of shifts and locations available to you. Should your first day not go quite as expected, or if you would like to look into any of the other shifts we have available, contact our healthcare team on 0116 279 1600 or

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