The Fry brothers | A bond that continues to blossom at Brick Kiln Place

Gordon and Maurice 

In Wolverhampton in 1940 Maurice was born and a year later Gordon was born, Gordon and Maurice were 2 out of 5 children. Gordon and Maurice recall having a happy childhood, their dad used to have a lot of animals whilst they were growing up from breeding dogs to looking after pigs and milking goats. Gordon and Maurice recall going around the housing estate collecting their neighbours’ scraps to feed to the pigs. Gordon and Maurice had a typical boy childhood playing in rivers and swinging over them blocking the river off to get a higher level of water to jump into. When Gordon and Maurice were 6/7 they moved to Bromsgrove and settled there for some years. 

At the age of 19 Gordon and his family moved to Israel without Maurice as he was planning to get married. Whilst in Israel Gordon worked on a building site, Gordon recalls how he learned the language whilst at his job. Gordon also visited most of the biblical sites he could as this is a big interest to him. Not long before Gordon and his family were due to come home Maurice made the decision to move to New Zealand and start a new life, this is where Maurice worked on a farm and really enjoyed it. 

Gordon and Maurice stayed in contact as much as they could but not too often as they were both now living separate lives opposite ends of the world.

Gordon Worked in retail which he really enjoyed Gordon recalled how he was able to entice customers to buy products so they were flying off the shelves. Gordon got married and had 3 daughters with his wife. Gordon recalls how his wife used to go out once a week and leave him looking after his daughters and they used to convince him to visit their Wendy house outside and lock Gordon out of the house. Gordon said this happened multiple times. Gordon recalls how in the 60’s him and his wife set up the Salvation Army in Bromsgrove. 

Maurice moved to Australia after 5 years in New Zealand Where he met his 3rd wife and had a son Maurice also took on his wife’s Children resulting in Gaining 4 Daughters and another son which he still keeps in contact with now. Maurice returned to England for a holiday in 1991 and met his first wife again and rekindled their love so didn’t go back to Australia. Maurice recalls one of his daughters coming for a holiday back to England and said how he liked to still visit Australia and visit his family. Maurice recalls when his son was 5 years old Gordon Baptised his son. 

Gordon and Maurice would meet up weekly for half a hour to have a catch up, it wasn’t until Gordon was taken ill during a holiday in Torquay in 2016 with septicaemia and hospitalised down there, that their bond grew closer, Maurice recalls him and Gordon’s daughters having to look for different hotels to stay in each night whilst visiting Gordon in hospital. Unbeknown to Gordon’s daughters when Maurice received the call about Gordon being taken ill Maurice was on the train straight away to be there for his brother and nieces. Thankfully Gordon recovered and Gordon and Maurice’s bond was stronger than ever knowing they could always rely on each other. 

In November 2020 Gordon moved into Brick Kiln Place, to be closer to his Daughters, Son in law, Grandchildren and great grandchildren and to have care provided and feel safe. Gordon fit in straight away with his happy and cheery personality making residents and staff smile no matter where he went. Maurice stayed in contact with Gordon when he moved and heard about Brick Kiln Place Gordon was eager to have his brother there with him. 

After some conversations and a lot of thinking in March 2021 Maurice moved into Brick Kiln Place to be closer to his brother and his nieces and their families just like Gordon, Maurice fit in straight away with his personality. Now Gordon and Maurice are never far apart from sitting in the garden most mornings having a cup of tea and a ginger nut to visiting each other in their own flats. Since moving to Brick Kiln Place Gordon and Maurice have taken up horse riding lessons. Stating they enjoy doing it because it’s something different and they always enjoy doing different things in their lives from Bungee Jumping to Abseiling off buildings they are both up to a challenge. They now do horse riding every other week and really enjoy it. They are also about to start attending a men’s club which had a workshop in and it is social for them to do as they wish and socialise with other people. 

Gordon and Maurice both say they enjoy living at Brick Kiln Place together as they know they have carers to help them should they need them, also they have Gordon’s Daughters who come and visit regularly which they really enjoy stating that they will help with anything and they are amazing. Both Maurice and Gordon speak highly of Gordon’s Daughters and cannot praise them enough. They enjoy the freedom that they have also, and they have made friends there which sometimes Visit to watch the football and enjoy company. Gordon and Maurice have made a big impression at Brick Kiln Place, always happy and will talk to anyone and make them feel welcome. It is not often you see one brother without seeing the other.

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