Spread awareness, not the flu!

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It’s that time of year when we begin turning up the heating, digging out the thick jumpers and preparing for the Winter months. As a carer you have a few extra considerations to make too, like when would be the best time to contact your GP for that free flu jab?

For many of us the flu (or influenza) can be an inconvenience – a few days off work or a particularly rough couple of weeks. For someone who is elderly, ill or disabled, or who already has a weakened immune system, the flu could be deadly.

We recommend that all our carers have an annual vaccination to protect themselves and those in their care.

Am I eligible?

Because flu is so contagious, staff, patients and residents are all at risk of infection. Should you contract flu and need time off there may be no one who can step in and provide care in your absence – especially if you are not the only one sick.

For this reason, any frontline health and social care worker is eligible for a free NHS flu vaccine. This includes all carers, NHS nurses and care home staff.

You can contact your GP and make an appointment to receive a jab there or check to see if your local pharmacy offers flu jabs.

More information on eligibility
Book for a free flu jab at Boots

What can I do to help?

We can’t guarantee that all our carers will have the time to see this post, so we urge anyone who works with, lives with or knows a carer to spread the word and keep our carers and care receivers safe.

And remember, even if someone has had the flu jab, as a lot of our clients do, there is no 100% guarantee they cannot contract the virus from someone they interact with. Double the chance of a flu-free winter and get yourself booked in for a vaccine.

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