Lynn helps Geoff take his first social outing in years

Service user, Geoff, hasn’t been out socially in years. Before the pandemic he was able to visit his local shops and socialise from time-to-time but since the national restrictions came into place Geoff has struggled to leave his accommodation.

Even when the restrictions lifted, he has found it difficult to get back to normal and his carer, Lynn, wanted to help. She spoke to him about places close to his heart and he mentioned how much he loved Newstead Abbey as this was somewhere he used to visit regularly with his family growing up. So, Lynn got to work and arranged a day trip for Geoff.

The pair had a wonderful day roaming around the Abbey, managing to spot some of the ground’s beautiful animals and indulging in some scrumptious ice cream. Geoff was so grateful for his outing with Lynn and is feeling much more positive about getting out and about again.

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