Happy Halloween!

Fosse Halloween

There are some people who find Halloween disruptive, intimidating and over-stimulating. For older people who have lived alone for a long time, the sudden intrusion of having people knocking on their front door can a little too much.

However, there are also many people who very much enjoy the sociable aspect of Halloween but, perhaps due to mobility issues, speech impediments or health reasons, can’t get as involved as they would like.

We have put together a helpful collection of services, downloadable aids and information which we hope will make Halloween as inclusive, safe and enjoyable as possible, regardless of which side of the front door you want to be on.

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Halloween inspired services

See how Fosse can help to make your Halloween as memorable as possible.

Opt-in / Opt-out posters

Let your neighbours know whether you would like to join in this year.

A Spooktacular competition

Would you like the chance to win an Amazon Echo Dot?

Why are they not taking part?

Six entirely valid reasons your neighbours might be skipping Halloween.

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