Going above and beyond to provide complex care

In Leicestershire, we have been supporting a service user in their own home for several years. At the start of their package, they had one care worker visit, once a day, to assist in preparing their lunches for them. Unfortunately, outside of our care, the service user was admitted into hospital after experiencing a choking incident. They remained in hospital for a number of weeks and when they were eventually discharged, they were fitted with a Peg Feed (a feeding tube that goes directly into the stomach) whilst oral digestion was still an issue. 

Fosse worked in partnership with the District Nurse and Dietician to develop a support plan for them at home. This involved providing specialist training for our care workers and management team in Leicester so that we were able to provide effective and efficient support to aid their recovery. 

On discharge, the service user required assistance from two care workers, four times a day. The primary reason for this was due to the loss of independence caused by their lengthy hospital admission. Their mobility was greatly affected and their ability to do their usual living tasks was reduced substantially. 

After the initial transition period, the care package had been decreased down to three calls a day, with just one care worker, after an occupational therapy review confirmed that they were safe and much more comfortable at home. A few weeks later, an assessment by the dietician and the district nurse was completed and they were extremely pleased with their progress. The service user was now able to swallow soft mashed/liquid food and their mobility was back to what it was before the incident. 

We are now assisting with their meal preparation again and introducing them to some of the same living tasks that they were able to perform previously. The service user’s partner was extremely grateful for the involvement Fosse and said just how important we had been in regaining their independence.

We are committed to being able to provide complex care and support for our service users and their families when difficult circumstances arise. We’ll do everything we can to ensure that we are fully equipped to provide the best possible care.

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