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A fantastic opportunity awaits the right candidate to own and operate a Fosse Healthcare Staffing Support franchise.

The Opportunity

Fosse Healthcare are providing an opportunity to own and operate a Healthcare staffing support business. This is a white-collar management Franchise opportunity. We have developed business systems over the past 10 years to create a truly turnkey operation which will give you every chance of running a highly successful business. You will be provided with detailed instructions on how to run all aspects of your Fosse Healthcare business.

The franchise business has three core activities:

  1. Selling staffing support services and managing Care Home client accounts
  2. Recruiting Healthcare workers
  3. Taking instructions from Care Home clients to fill shifts and booking work assignments with Healthcare workers


Our Franchise businesses fill shifts in Care Homes with Healthcare workers that have been properly screened. Care Homes are closely scrutinized by the CQC and must ensure the welfare and safeguarding of their service users is maintained at all times. If their staffing drops below a certain level they need take corrective action. It is not possible to find compliant Healthcare workers from ‘off the street’ and finding good Healthcare workers who are flexible and can hit the ground running when sent to a new Care environment is very challenging. The recruitment systems we have developed over many years help our Franchisees to ensure we consistently provide high standards of Healthcare workers.

It’s very hard to get this kind of business off the ground, however our opportunity and experience removes a lot of the risk factors associated with this. We’ve been working in Healthcare for many years and bring a lot of heavyweight experience and business intelligence to our systems and support. There are all sorts of pitfalls involved in running this kind of business which we will help you to avoid through our training and support.

It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to follow the start-up plans we have as part of our business systems. You will receive support directly from people who have done exactly that. In order to build a business that grows sustainably you absolutely need to build on certain foundational principles that are easy to compromise. We will make clear to you what these principles are through the training academy you will be obliged to attend before starting your business. This is further supported by the start-up guides and action plans that you will receive as part of your operations manual. On top of that you will be closely supported in the first weeks and months by an experienced business development executive.

The cost of this Fosse Healthcare management Franchise is £26,000 + VAT, this includes:

  • Comprehensive Training:
    • Your training will consist of an initial academy and on-site training sessions.
  • Business start-up support:
    • You will be provided with clear action plans for your first few weeks and months and close personal support from a business development executive.
  • Start-up strategy:
    • You will also be supported in producing a budget and strategic business plan.
  • Operations Manual:
    • The Franchise operations manual covers all aspects of running your Franchise business.
  • Cloud-based scheduling software:
    • Fosse Healthcare utilise an industry-leading piece of business software to enable our businesses to run effectively and efficiently.
  • Start-up marketing materials:
    • Direct marketing templates, promotional items and leaflets.
  • Business stationery:
    • Letterhead, business cards etc.
  • Uniforms and Identity equipment:
    • A start-up pack of Healthcare worker uniforms and badge-making equipment
  • Ongoing Support


There is an ongoing fee of 8.5% of turnover of your Franchise business payable to the franchisor. As you’ll appreciate we only make money as your franchisor when you make money. It is our entire motivation therefore for ensure we recruit the right Franchisees who will maximise the potential in their areas.

You will also need to provide working capital for your business and be able to support yourself until your business can. You will need adequate funds to cash flow your payroll, overheads, recruitment and marketing costs. Your overheads should be relatively low. We estimate that you will need access to approximately £50k in working capital.


Fosse Healthcare’s Franchise opportunity is already supported by a number of the main banks including HSBC and Natwest. If you require borrowing to assist you with your Franchise fee and/or your working capital we can introduce you to people in these institutions who have pre-approved our business opportunity and merely need to consider your personal circumstances.


A well-run business should produce a great income for the owners. The earning potentials can be excellent if you are able to commit to delivering consistently high levels of customer service and apply yourself to intelligent ongoing selling activities. It will also be essential to strictly follow the systems and policies provided as part of your Fosse Healthcare Franchise.

Our business systems and support are not enough to ensure your success – you will also need to contribute hard work, strong people skills and a willingness and ability to sell. Your aim will need to be to make your Fosse Healthcare business an attractive agency for Healthcare workers. Pay rates alone are insufficient to achieve this. Great people skills are vital therefore for selling your business services to potential clients and also for selling your agency to potential Healthcare workers. Great people skills are also essential for keeping both too.

It is possible to run this business from home, but you will need to conduct interviews in a professional setting. Most of our Franchise businesses rent a small office in serviced offices and work between the two. A lot will depend on where you live and the geography of your Franchise territory. Your Fosse Healthcare Franchise representative will be able to give you guidance on what’s best for you and your business.

It is common for franchise applicants to do so with a partner. If you do, at least one of you must possess those great people skills and a willingness and ability to consistently engage in selling. Franchise applications from individuals without any kind of partner involvement are more than welcome, however it is essential that you are able fulfil this requirement also. If you are working alone you will eventually need to bring in support. Our Franchise systems will enable you to bring in additional people and train them to support you with fulfilling customer requests and recruiting Healthcare workers. Sales however is such a fundamentally important part of your business, it is essential that the Franchisee (or one of them) brings this to the business.

For the right candidate Fosse Healthcare presents a fantastic opportunity to be your own boss and potentially make significant amounts of money. If you join Fosse Healthcare you’ll be joining a community of Franchised businesses that are participating in a growing sector. We will provide you with proven systems to help you grow a sustainable business that can provide you with a great income and an enviable lifestyle while you build equity which you can ultimately sell on for a sizeable sum.


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