Fosse invest in local jobs for Melton residents

Fosse Healthcare invest in local jobs for Melton residents

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Fosse Healthcare will be raising pay rates for Melton Mowbray care staff this month, as part of an investment aimed at boosting employment within the town.

Since its official opening in 2002 Fosse Healthcare has strived to be a forward-thinking company, complimenting care with technology where possible to provide a streamlined, simple and helpful service for our Home Care customers.

In 2018 we employed an Innovation Officer to oversee the management of our technological advances, and as a result our cloud-based care management system is used by almost 1,000 care staff to provide 64,500 hours of home care a month on average – almost entirely paperlessly.

But while we continue to build and develop our domiciliary offering, there are some aspects of client care which technology does not always solve, and one of those is recruitment. 

Fosse Healthcare Managing Director, Volt Sacco, explains, “The problem seen across the Domiciliary Care sector is the difficulty in finding local Care Assistants in rural settings. Residents of towns and villages often travel to cities for career opportunities, not paying too much attention to the opportunities on their very doorstep.

“Melton Mowbray is a prime example of that rural setting, surrounded by fantastic cities on all sides, but with a little incentive we hope to change the perception that the city is a bigger, better career choice – and bring the community together while we’re at it.”

Of the active care staff employed with Fosse Healthcare, fourteen of those provide care on a part time, full time, flexible, permanent, and temporary basis to residents located in and around Melton Mowbray. With pay rates being announced locally within the next couple of weeks it’s hoped that Melton will see a rise in residents remaining in the town for work.

Volt continues, “One thing the COVID pandemic has shown us all is how many people want to help and be a part of their local community. If you are a naturally caring and compassionate person willing to help your neighbours in their time of need, and you enjoy being a part of your local community, why not make a career of it?”

The new pay rates increase is set to go live from June 29 and will cover all Care Assistants working within Melton Mowbray and the surrounding rural areas. All care staff are supported with in-house training, flexibility with hours and free, confidential mental health and wellbeing support.

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