Eight reasons you should be working that extra shift this Christmas

Eight reasons you should be working that extra shift this Christmas

We say it takes the stamina, patience, compassion and strength of a hero to be a care worker, nurse or support worker; to get through every eventuality and to give your clients the best possible care, regardless. Care work is a tough vocation and despite the given stereotypes of the industry, not everyone can do it.

So, when the Christmas months hit and not everyone wants to be (or can be) a Fosse Hero, you could!

And here’s eight reasons why we think you should.

Tackling loneliness one shift at a time

With the shorter days and colder weather, it becomes increasingly difficult for older adults and vulnerable or disabled people to get about on their own, which can result in the wintertime being very isolating.

That extra hour of your time with them could be the difference between a good day and a bad day for our clients.

Your Christmas, paid for

You could earn over £100 just for working an extra two hours each week in the run up to Christmas – that’s enough to cover your Christmas shopping, and some!

Keeping our clients safe

Christmas is a difficult time for hospitals and with a continued staff shortage and the cold, slippery weather resulting in more visits to A&E, the system becomes blocked – but no one wants to spend their Christmas in hospital.

Just one extra shift will alleviate some of that backlog for the NHS and your local hospitals, and ensure our clients are happy, healthy and looked after.

A little extra in your pocket

If you work one of the big three; Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day, you could earn as much as double time, plus all travel and mileage.

For just three hours of work you could earn enough to pay for that pricey Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings.

Clear roads ahead

As the festive season kicks in, the children break up from school and families leave for warmer climates. As a result the roads become clearer and easier to drive.

Take advantage of the empty lanes and get your shifts in when you’re less likely to become trapped in rush-hour traffic or behind the dreaded school bus.

Take a break

Christmas is a notoriously stressful time for many reasons. It could be that you are making plans, buying gifts, preparing food or entertaining relatives.

Give yourself a break from the mad rush; leave the preparations, the temptations, the in-laws and the Christmas parties to someone else and escape for a few hours by opting to do that extra shift.

Put some aside for the sales

Once you’ve bought all the presents and the cupboards are stocked till New Year, next on your to-do list could be saving for the January sales.

By putting a little aside each week you could get your hands on some fantastic bargains, but by working an extra shift or two you could double your savings and get what you really want!

Show your dedication

Fosse Healthcare is a company which encourages all staff to strive for greatness, whether that’s care staff, Managers or Board Members.

By working those hard-to-fill spots over the Christmas period you’re sure to make an impression with the branch and with the company, meaning you’ll be on the minds of those who are allocating shifts or even looking to promote from within.

There’s no denying it, working over the Christmas holidays can be a chore. But now, having made it this far through our article, you will be armed with eight fantastic reasons why you might benefit from picking up that extra shift or two over Christmas.

Want to let us know your availability? Contact the branch and let them know which days you’ll be free to work this Christmas

Happy holidays!

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