At Fosse we are always looking at ways to improve the offering we make to our valued workers, and we are pleased to announce that later this month we will be piloting a brand new pay-as-you-earn discretionary offering to our Grantham Home Care employees, which will give care staff access to their most recently earned pay whenever they want, ahead of pay day.

For those of you not based in Grantham, don’t fret! Though Grantham will pilot this for us, we expect that if successful the offering will be further rolled out to other branches and departments in early 2020.

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Pay periods explained

What is EarlyPay

EarlyPay is a pay-as-you-earn discretionary offering will allow users to access as much as 40% of your earned pay since the last pay day, whenever you want. This is paid directly into your bank through a free-to-use App on your smartphone. 

Each pay period will reset automatically on a Monday to coincide with your weekly pay. This means that if you work a shift on a Monday, you can withdraw 40% of that amount immediately through the app in advance of your pay.

However, you will not be able to access this earned amount via the app after 00:00 the following Monday morning, as the pay period will have reset to reflect the current week’s earnings. Please be aware that any pay withdrawn through EarlyPay will be reflected in your normal pay cycle.

We wanted our staff to have the flexibility of when you can receive your pay for the work done since the last pay day, so you won’t be caught in a financial bind should you get a flat tyre, receive an unexpectedly high bill, require an expensive dentist appointment or even just have a long day which deserves a treat, for example.

With EarlyPay you can now access your money as soon as you’ve earned it.

Why do we have it?

For a while we have been looking at ways to thank and reward our staff for the work they do. We know care is not an easy career to work in; it can be emotionally and physically tough and we wanted to find a way to let you know that we truly appreciate what you do.

We hope that this EarlyPay solution will be well received and that you will find early access to your money a huge help, especially as we move into the new year when money can be tight for all of us.

When will it be introduced?

The EarlyPay App is available to download on your personal smartphone on both Android and iOS. Our Grantham staff are currently piloting this scheme which, if successful, will be rolled out throughout the business.

More information on how to download and use the EarlyPay App, and when you can expect EarlyPay to be available for you, will be available soon.

How much will it cost?

Fosse Healthcare will be covering all costs associated with the EarlyPay service and the App. The only cost to you will be a £1.75 service fee which will be charged every time you wish to withdraw money.

More information in our Ts & Cs.

For transparency, this is an administration fee charged directly to the user by the company providing this service.

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