Early Deterioration Project shortlisted for an award in innovation

Our partnership project with Nottinghamshire County Council and Birdie, which uses new technology to spot early signs of deteriorating health, has been nominated for an LGC award for Innovation.

The 2022 award is intended to celebrate those who have used innovation to re-think services in order to achieve better outcomes for citizens and communities either at less cost, to improve outcomes or delivery, or in order to continue delivery of service during the pandemic.

LGC editor Nick Golding said: “Those recognised by being shortlisted for the LGC Awards 2022 have worked tirelessly and innovatively to find new ways of supporting their communities. “All too often the work of local public servants is underappreciated. However, the LGC Awards offer a unique opportunity to celebrate these achievements – and the current period of pandemic recovery, uncertain financial conditions and the cost-of-living crisis means the value of skilled and hard-working staff has never been higher.” 

This new technology enables effective collaboration between social and health care professionals that wasn’t there before. By identifying concerns at the earliest possible stage, we are ensuring that people can continue to live as independently as possible and receive the right level of care, in the right place, at the right time.

Since the project began, we have seen some incredibly positive results. We have managed to stop needless trips to doctors’ surgeries and hospitals and more importantly intervened at crucial stages to supporting varying forms of health concerns.

We are extremely proud to have been shortlisted for this award alongside a number of other incredible projects and organisations that are dedicated to supporting people throughout their communities and beyond.

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