Cultural and complex care needs: The right people for the right person

With any new service users, we always take the time to talk with them and their family members to give us a comprehensive insight into their personal needs and preferences.  We can then develop bespoke care plans tailored specifically for the service user and provide them with carers who are best suited to support them.



Why do we think this is so important? Well, here is just one of many stories that highlights the positive impact this can have.

Dorothy (false name to protect their identity) is lovely Caribbean lady with very strong religious beliefs. Her heritage, culture and religion are very important to her, and when we were first introduced it was apparent that she responded better to those who showed an interest and knowledge about such aspects.

Dorothy had complex care needs and she had lived in various environments in the past but was now living independently at home. She was regularly monitored by a mental health support team and suffered with a heart condition which had led to multiple strokes that affected her speech.

With this information we worked hard to develop a plan that met her personal and cultural preferences alongside an extensive proposal for her complex care needs. This involved providing our team with additional training that gave them the ability to recognise, understand and prevent relevant healthcare concerns. They also received support with speech therapy techniques to ensure that they could communicate effectively with Dorothy.

We were able to provide care workers who were both culturally likeminded and proficiently trained, to support and communicate with Dorothy. We worked with her mental health social care worker to carry out the care plan and together we were consistently reviewing and developing our support as we continued the service.

Although initially hesitant, Dorothy absolutely loved her new carers. They attended church with her every Sunday and Wednesday, went out on day trips and fun excursions and most importantly helped her with everyday living tasks. They were becoming the best of friends and it was clear to see that Dorothy’s confidence in herself, and those around her, was improving immensely.

As the care continued and the relationships blossomed, unfortunately Dorothy suffered a cardiac arrest and stopped breathing whilst in the company of one of our team. Although, admittedly, the care worker was shocked and frightened, her incredibly quick thinking to get her in the correct position and perform CPR saved Dorothy’s life. Dorothy couldn’t have been more grateful, and she said there wasn’t a better person that could have been there when it happened.

Fosse Healthcare is extremely proud of everyone involved in the care and support of Dorothy and we hope this shows the dedication that healthcare providers, like us, have in providing care whilst supporting someone’s lifestyle choices and independence.

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