Community Carers | A poem by Mandy Hoy

Mandy Hoy is the CCO of the Adult Duty team for Nottingham City Council. She understands the importance of carers throughout the UK and she wrote this lovely poem as an appreciation for all of their tireless efforts to support those that need it the most.

Early in the morning or very late at night.

To the suffering, the needy, the confused, there is not a more wonderful sight.

When that key turns in the lock and a smile walks into your room.

Whatever is wrong in the world, their brightness soon takes away the gloom.

Whether it’s just to prompt, to encourage a pill,

maybe a well-being check that’s needed because your ill.

Maybe you need more support, probably a shower,

some calls 5 minutes, some take over an hour.

They are our front line and do all that’s required.

These hard-working heroes should be praised and admired.

Its more than a career, it’s a vocation they take.

To the vulnerable and their families what a difference they make.

With grace and with dignity and that personal touch.

Calming situations, listening, no trouble is too much

Comfort is offered, support given, to the vulnerable, especially in sorrow.

Wiping away tears, a calming influence, a hope for a brighter tomorrow.

We all contribute in our own different way.

But from the comfort of our homes all safely tucked away.

These carers are out there, day in and day out.

Come rain, hail or snow, always dashing about.

They give their best to the community that we all serve

and our respect and our thanks in these tough and dangerous times, has been very well earned.

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