Can technology help people live healthily at home, for longer? | A webinar on the Untapped Potential of Home Care

Fosse Healthcare’s Managing Director, Volt Sacco and Birdie’s Chief Integrated Care Officer, Malte Gerhold discuss the new technology that is set to revolutionise the Health & Social Care System.

The webinar explores the benefits of the new digital care technology that can enable early identification of ill health and deterioration, giving care workers the opportunity to spot preliminary signs at home. Not only reducing costs and pressures across the NHS care pathway, but it will also minimise ‘revolving door’ patients to keep people living healthily at home, for longer.

Volt Sacco:

“The blend of high contact frequency, readiness of data and high care continuity comes together to place domiciliary care in a strategic place within the health & social care. Being able to identify health risks early on through data and technology and being able to communicate that with a GP is a real win for all parts of the system.

Malte Gerhold:

“What I find exciting about this is that a relatively simple idea and use of technology has the potential to impact so many facets in this collaboration. The impact on the care staff and the care professionals, the impact of the working relationships and the wider impact of the outcomes and system costs is fascinating.”

“The technology will make it as easy as possible to record the information and share it efficiently but also in a way that’s available afterwards, so you are able to see and monitor trends and spot the signs of potential risks.”

Although the initiative is only in its pilot stage, the backing of the programme has been monumental and the initial results and feedback from participating clients and care staff has been overwhelming positive.

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