All we want for Christmas, is you!

All we want for Christmas, is you!

Christmas is always a busy time of year, with presents to buy, people to see and arrangements which needs to be made. It is also the coldest and darkest time of year, not to mention the loneliest! 

Over the holidays we rely on our care staff more than ever. Some of our clients might not have family members who can visit them, or they may be frightened to leave the house alone in case they fall. Some might not have the mobility, as much as they would like to get out.

That is where our wonderful Care Assistants step in.

They offer:

Companionship to elderly adults who may not have family members who live close enough to visit or are worried to visit during these times of the pandemic.

Pain relief; a gentle hand and a reassuring word to reposition a bed-bound Service User who may be sore, or a friendly reminder when it’s time to take medication.  

Routine and normality to those with dementia, giving structure to a Service User’s week and helping to calm any nervousness or fear.

Peace of mind to our clients and their families, with the knowledge that if anything were to happen big or small, someone will be with them soon.

Dignity, and the safety and reassurance that comes with knowing someone has your best interests at heart, even if they may have been embarrassed about receiving care.

Independence, giving our clients the confidence to try things on their own and build their stamina, strength or mobility whilst always being on hand for support.

We could use someone like you.

This year is looking to be one of the toughest Christmases we have seen here at Fosse, and our care staff are working unbelievably hard to ensure they can care for all of our clients. But we could really use your help!

We are looking for confident and compassionate people to join our workforce over the Christmas period. They must be friendly, quick thinking and patient. Ideally, they must also have a car or other form of transport.

All training will be provided using our online training programme from the comfort of your own home, so you don’t need any existing qualifications, and a dedicated Recruitment Officer will see you from application through to uniform in just a few weeks.

Just one more Care Assistant in each of the villages, towns or areas we cover would make such a huge difference.

Apply now!

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