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Newsletter | April 2022

Friday, April 29th, 2022

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Alan is back on his feet after some complex support from a new friend

Tuesday, April 12th, 2022
At Fosse Healthcare we will always do our best to provide care based on the individual requirements of our service users. No matter how complex, we will work with them, their families, and medical professionals to fully understand how we can provide the most effective support. This can often mean providing extra training for our staff and developing comprehensive care plans.



Taking the time go through this process is a vital part of our ethos. It helps our clients, and their families, feel safe, gives them more confidence and happiness over time, and encourages independence.

We love seeing the positive impact providing complex care can have and recently we caught up with one service user and his carer to see just how beneficial it can be. This is Alan’s story…

Approximately five years ago, Alan suffered a severe stroke and was given the unfortunate news that he would never be able to walk again. Although devastated, Alan was determined to, at the very least, try to get back on his feet.

After a lot of persistence and support from his wife and physiotherapist, Alan managed to prove the doctors wrong and successfully took his first steps with the aid of a walking stick. However, it was still a very tough task for Alan and his movement was very limited, especially in his left arm and hand.

We were approached by Alan and his wife a few months ago to see if we were able to provide home care assistance due to his circumstances. We worked extensively to come up with a care plan that supported him with essential living tasks but gradually encouraged more independence. Part of this plan involved some additional training for his soon to be carer, Nigel. He was able to work with Alan’s current physiotherapist to develop his knowledge and understanding around Alan’s movement issues and how he could support his progress with assistance at home.

After his first couple of months in Nigel’s care, Alan has progressed incredibly well. We were able to track some of his improvement by measuring the number of steps it used to take him to walk the length of his hallway. Alan has gone from tentative 18 steps to much more confident and unaided 10 steps. On top of his increasing stride length, his left arm, which he struggled to move across his body when him and Nigel first met, could now come fully across, up, and away from his body.

Nigel, Alan and Alan’s wife have been such good friends since the outset of his care, and it’s been amazing to see their relationship and Alan’s health continuing to improve during the course of the last few months. Alan’s physiotherapist said that it was ‘staggering’ to see just how much Alan had progressed and he commented on how much influence our carer must have had.

Nigel said, ‘I am so proud of Alan’s efforts, and he should be so proud of himself, his perseverance with what we were doing was amazing to see.’

This is just one of many examples we see where taking the time and effort to understand an individual’s personal needs and requirements can have such a huge impact on people’s lives.

Newsletter | March 2022

Friday, April 1st, 2022

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