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Fosse trials new technology set to revolutionise social care

Wednesday, February 9th, 2022



Our brand new ‘Virtual Ward’ is a one button computer designed for the digitally excluded


Being trialled across Lincolnshire, The Virtual Ward has been installed in a number of our service users homes. The new technology will provide accessible digital communication with video streaming, photo sharing, scheduling and more. With an extremely simple interface, it demands nothing from the end user, allowing them to easily communicate with their families, friends and Fosse Healthcare.

Set to tackle the ever growing need of residents who find themselves cut off by the digital divide, this innovative communication device is a revolutionary solution to loneliness in older adults and social care support.

As a care provider we will be able to digitise appointments with users who previously would be unable to use video calling systems and/or other technology devices. Families can connect regularly to improve user wellbeing and reduce reliance on service providers. These life changing features can:

  • Reduce staff visit times and improve care planning
  • Increase face-to-face contacts for the user (research links to improved wellbeing)
  • Connect families no matter where they are, reducing isolation and associated health risks and costs


The key features include:

  • Large 21’’ widescreen display
  • Connect via 4g or Wi-Fi
  • Enhanced privacy with encrypted calls (no data sharing)
  • Prompts & support for daily living tasks
  • Safety and well-being checks
  • Connect users to their loved ones via secure video calls, and content sharing
  • Enhance care planning with remote care and digitised appointments


If you would like to find out more about our Virtual Ward please feel free to get in touch.

Our carers give Bertie a new home

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022

Newark carers, Georgina and Andrew loved to care for their service user, Edith and they grew very close to both her and her gorgeous little dog, Bertie over the years. Sadly, Edith passed away recently at an incredible age of 104 which unfortunately left 15-year-old, Bertie without his best friend and without a home.

Luckily Bertie’s other friends, Georgina and Andrew, didn’t want him going into a shelter, or with people that he is unfamiliar with at such an old age so they have now taken him in as their own.

Georgina says, ‘Bertie is doing really well in his new home and we love having him around!’