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Newsletter | January 2022

Sunday, January 30th, 2022

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Technology is helping us to prevent life-altering health deterioration

Tuesday, January 11th, 2022

At Fosse Healthcare we have been piloting the Early Deterioration Project since September 2020. Using new technology, the initiative enables our carer workers to recognise and respond to ‘soft signs’ of health deterioration in our service users.

Since the project began, we have seen some incredibly positive results. We have managed to stop needless trips to doctors’ surgeries and hospitals and more importantly intervened at crucial stages to supporting varying forms of health concerns.

Case study

Recently, one of our service users returned home after a hospital visit explaining to her carer that she was suffering from mild hallucinations and wasn’t really feeling herself. Although she had a previously struggled with hallucinations, our carer made sure to take some observations using the NEWS2 system (The ‘National Early Warning Score’ is a system for scoring the physiological measurements that are routinely recorded at the patient’s bedside and can help determine the degree of illness of a patient) and she was able to determine probable cause for concern which she then passed onto the GP.

The GP agreed with our care workers concerns and requested daily observations to take place for one week to monitor the situation.  Our carer continued to use the NEWS2 system to assess the service users’ condition and to communicate the findings effectively with the GP. This led to the GP to visit our service user on the third day of observations to take a urine sample for a suspected UTI. The test came back positive, and the GP was able to prescribe her with antibiotics for 7 days.

When left untreated, UTI’s in the elderly can cause serious problems, including permanent kidney damage and sepsis – a generalised and potentially life-threating infection.

Our carer continued to monitor the service user over the course of her treatment, providing observation readings on the app. After the completion of her antibiotics our service user said she was feeling much better and the NEWS2 data was positive.

This is just one of many instances that showcases the powerful impact of this new technology. Our carer workers can confidently observe and monitor their service users whilst communicating with medical professionals, to prevent life-changing consequences.

To find out more about the Early Deterioration Project simply click this link.