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Thank you from the Fosse Family

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

On Friday April 17, we sent a message around to Fosse office staff, to ask for their help in thanking our care staff and the wonderful key workers across the country and beyond.

In just a few days word had got around of our project and we received messages and pictures of thanks not just from our office staff but from carers, family and friends and even some of our clients.

A huge thank you to everyone who submitted a video, a picture or a selfie in honour of our wonderful Key Workers. It means the world to us.

Fosse introduces Covid-19 early warning system for care staff

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

Fosse Healthcare has released a software update for its paperless care delivery process, which now notifies all staff of any potential risks to health before entering a property.

As a front-line service, we have seen the COVID-19 pandemic bring with it a series of complex challenges in our industry.

Most recently we are grappling with national shortages of PPE equipment and with the risk this may have for our staff and clients, it fell on us to decide how best to ensure that the people we work with stay safe.

So that’s what we did.

As our Managing Director, Volt Sacco says: “There is never a bad time to innovate, but challenging times are a particularly good time to find new ways to do things better.”

At Fosse Healthcare we pride ourselves in the investment we put into technology. Our 100% cloud-based care system for example, has meant we could switch into remote working where appropriate with ease, and with almost no effect to the clients we care for. 

Using our experience and successes with technology as a starting point, we began looking into a way we could know in real-time which clients were in the higher risk categories of symptomatic, confirmed COVID-19 and shielding, and once again the intuition of our people and technology came in handy. 

The result was an early warning system to notify our staff of any risks to safety and highlight when PPE must be worn.

Each care worker is provided with a company smartphone loaded with our Mobile App, which tracks and reports on all care delivery aspects for our clients. This new update alerts care staff ahead of each visit whether anyone in the household they are about to enter is symptomatic, confirmed COVID-19 positive or shielding.

The care worker is then able to prepare with the appropriate PPE to protect both themselves and the client, as well as to report on any issues or changes at the end of each visit – for example, if a client has developed symptoms, or received a shielding letter from the NHS or their GP since a previous visit.

To further complement this innovation, we have also diverted resources from our Care Support Hub to help with weekly wellbeing calls to our clients, to ensure they are safe and well and to validate whether any circumstances have changed.

To us, the simplest innovations are often the best ones, and because of the simplicity of this innovation we have been able to deploy this update to our carer smartphones within just a couple of days.  

Martin Luther King Jr once said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy“, and this couldn’t be more relevant than in the midst of the current Coronavirus pandemic.

We would like to thank all our Care Workers, Nurses, Advanced Practitioners and office staff who are going beyond the call of duty in these unprecedented times, and for their continued cooperation and support.