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Thank you to YOU!

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Thank you to everyone for your support

To Our Carers 

Thank you to YOU, the unsung heroes that are continuing to care and support our service users at this difficult time. Your hard work, dedication and continuous compassion is making more of a difference than you may realise to some very anxious service users during this pandemic. Thank you for going above and beyond, for picking up extra shifts in order to ensure all our service users are still getting their daily calls and for encouraging others to get involved to help the elderly and vulnerable where possible. We are proud of you and you should all be proud of the role you are playing in supporting the nation during this pandemic.

To Our Nurses/HCA’s

Thank you to our Nurses and HCA’s who go above and beyond within our hospitals and care homes – for putting the safety of your patients first. Thank you for continuing to wake up every day regardless of the long shifts you are doing. You should be extremely proud of the service you are providing and the contribution of saving and maintaining lives during this pandemic.

To Our Service Users 

Thank you for being so understanding, for your patience and the continuous support you show to our carers. Thank you for your updates and regular communication in order for us to continue to provide the service you require. More importantly, thank you for continuing to be yourselves through a time where you may be feeling very uneasy – for still making our carers laugh, for making them cups of tea, for sharing your old stories and for making them feel at ease when they come and see you. You’re an important part of their Fosse Family.

To Our Office Staff 

Thank you for continuing to support your carers and service users regardless of the pressures you are facing. Thank you for ensuring our service users are continuing to get the quality of life they deserve as well as the support and care to enable them to stay safe and well in their own homes. Thank you for continuing to adapt where needed to ensure your role is still being maintained. Without you we couldn’t provide the valuable service so many of our vulnerable service users rely on so thank you. We are proud of your commitment to Fosse in these uncertain times.


Do you think you can help? Then come and join us.

Friday, March 20th, 2020

Due to COVID-19 our elderly and vulnerable clients are relying on us more than ever. For more information, please see below.