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Potty for Puzzles!

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

Five reasons why puzzles are good for your health

Aside from being a fun way to waste idle moments, solving puzzles has been scientifically proven to have several positive health benefits.

Not only does it strengthen your mental speed and sharpen your thought processes, it can also be a great way to slow brain deterioration and keep your mind active, engaged and healthy – no matter your age or circumstances.

In celebration of National Puzzle Day, we’ve put together a list of the top five reasons why we encourage our staff, our clients and our friends to put some time aside for puzzles!

Improving short-term memory

Jigsaw puzzles are a fantastic way of sharpening your short-term memory. For care staff this could help you to remember names, addresses and Care Plan details for the clients you work with, and clients may find care appointments a little less intrusive if they can keep track of dates and times without always needing to write it down.

Being two steps ahead

Puzzling is a great way of training your brain to look at things from a different angle; whether that’s considering multiple outcomes or thinking entirely out of the box. Having the ability to think critically, quickly and theoretically is a great tool to have when problem-solving or planning!

Keeping Dementia and Alzheimer’s at bay

Keeping your mind engaged and active is thought to be able to help minimise the symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. The cognitive stimulation of puzzling is said to delay or reduce the risk of developing abnormal brain changes, as well as the act of completing a puzzle giving a sense of control to those with Dementia.

Keep calm and puzzle on

Puzzles distract the brain to a state similar to that we experience when we’re meditating. This is not only calming but helps to lower your stress levels, allow you to think more clearly and improve your mood (unless your puzzling makes you late!).

Up the productivity

As a result of your lowered stress levels and happier mood, you may also realise a boost of productivity. Those few minutes or half an hour of puzzle time can help to reset your brain and give you the break you need to concentrate on the things you should really be doing.

So, whether a private puzzler or someone looking for new ways to engage your clients, friends or family members, here’s five fantastic reasons to get your brain active and that jigsaw started!

Fosse Healthcare introduce Employee Assistance Programme

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

Fosse Healthcare introduces mental health and wellbeing benefit for care and office staff

As part of our commitment to building a friendly, safe and inclusive environment for our staff, Fosse Healthcare has teamed up with mental health and wellbeing service, Health Assured, to offer a full-service Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to our office and care professionals.

Named Complete EAP, the programme offers employees a confidential support system designed to help with any personal or professional problems which could be affecting your home life, work life, health or wellbeing.

More information on the Scheme

This support system can be delivered in several ways; it could be advice on diet and fitness via the E-hub app, face-to-face support and counselling sessions following a bereavement or legal advice over the phone, for example.

No matter what your requirements or level of support needed, Complete EAP has a wide range of 24-hour services and options to suit.

Speaking of the Programme, Fosse Managing Director Volt Sacco, said “Care has a history of being a tough industry to work in, with the responsibility of caring for others coming with its own stresses alongside the rewards.

“Our staff are the life blood of this company and their mental and physical wellbeing is extremely important to us and to our clients, to ensure that everyone is safe and happy to be working with us. It is hoped that this Programme will be of huge benefit to our care staff and ensure they remain happy, healthy and stress free and that our staff will make use of the EAP when they need it.”

All Fosse Healthcare staff are eligible for unlimited services through the Compete EAP programme, and we encourage anyone who is having a tough time, whether that be stress at home or at work, to get in touch.

Employees can be referred to the scheme via management or can contact the EAP directly via the free 24/7 helpline number; 0800 030 5182, or through Fosse Healthcare’s EAP portal. Details of how to access the portal will be made available via email soon.

More information on the scheme can be found here.

An update on our Christmas Jumper Competition

Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

An update on our Ugly Jumper Competition

A couple of months ago Fosse Healthcare challenged its six branch locations to a festive competition, encouraging them to don their ugliest Christmas jumpers in aid of local causes, with a £100 donation up-for-grabs for the winning chosen charity.

With the Christmas period being a busy time for our Home Care and Healthcare teams it was a tough job for all and unfortunately this meant we had a couple of branches who couldn’t get involved as much as they would have liked.

However, those who did take part managed to raise almost £500 for causes including Doorways Derby, Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance, St Luke’s Hospice and St Barnabas.

So, who won the competition?

We saw a number of whacky jumpers and fundraising Christmas parties over November and December, but none were more deserving of the prize than Grantham.

Not only did they arrange and host a brilliant raffle and Christmas party, but our Grantham Extra Care team at Brick Kiln Place held an ugly jumper-themed fundraising day for staff and residents, which alone raised an incredible £180.

We have chosen to award Fosse Grantham the winning £100 donation to their chosen charity, St Barnabas, which puts their total overall donation at £310 – beating their £300 target!

What a fantastic achievement from all who took part in the competition. Thank you so much for your efforts; we look forward to seeing what this year brings.

Check out some pictures from the competition below!